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"At Osca we pride ourselves on delivering the highest
quality ironing, and the best possible service to go along with it."

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Osca Professional Ironing Service - Doing our best to become Melbourne's Best Ironing Service :

  • Total garment care service.
  • Exceptional business shirt ironing.
  • Free pickup and delivery.
  • Per Item Rate.
  • Servicing the inner-eastern suburbs.
  • Unconditional quality guarantee.
  • General information and useful links.

Introduction :

We have been in business since 1986, and some customers have used our services on a regular basis for as long as that.

We devote a lot of our time and effort to finding the most conscientious people. But, over the years we have come to realise that good ironers are "few and far between", excellent ironers need to be trained to become so. And as ironing is a very labour intensive occupation, some do not stay for long. Never the less, we have been able to provide a reliable high standard of quality, irregardless of how many ironers have worked with us over the years, or are yet to.

To maintain a crew of top-notch ironers who can deliver a reliably high level of quality we have developed an ongoing training program.

At times the demand for our high level of quality tends to be greater than our ability to supply the number of skilled hands necessary and the hours in a day. Casual customers are, therefore, asked to please make your booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

Ironing out Melbournes Wrinkles

"Osca has worked hard to provide a great ironing service,
where you can select the options that best suit your needs."

Unconditional Quality Guarantee :

If you've had problems before then fear no more, we are the ironing service you are looking for. Our ironers work from a Clean, smoke-free central workshop. Osca offers an "Unconditional Quality Guarantee", that is, we guarantee your garments will be ironed to the best possible quality that we can do, and if obviously unsatisfactory we will re-iron the garment/s for you free of charge.

Qualified, fully trained Ironers :

Only one single sharp crease per sleeve, thank you. With the Osca team or ironers we can provide the best ironing service in Melbourne. All our ironers go through an intensive training program, and have regular and constant refresher courses in our central workshop. Problems and solutions are discussed and covered with everyone, so our knowledge base of skills is constantly growing. From excellent quality business shirt ironing to competently ironed tablecloths.

You can always rely on an Osca ironed shirt.

Attention to Quality and Detail :

We aim to provide the kind of service others like to talk about. Whether you need help with a backlog, or accept nothing but perfection, Osca has convenient, Free pickup and delivery (15 items minimum). Monday to Friday, morning and evening at your service.

We'll supply you with wire hangers as you need. When you have too many, please send them back for re-cycling. Yes, Osca is environmentaly friendly. We re-cycle all the materials we work with and only use natural, chemical free and odourless starch. A fresh batch of starch is cooked up each morning and we can starch your garments as lightly or heavily as needed or requested.

Our "Button Squad" is always on the lookout for missing buttons for your shirts or garments, and if we can match it we will replace it.

Further, you can customize our ironing service to your specific needs with the "Osca Wish List".

"Osca has won a few awards over the years."


NEIS - New Enterprise Incentive Scheme Award


ANZ - Small Business Award


Australian Customer Service Association - Outstanding Excellence in Customer Service


Office Of Fair Trading Awards - Victorian Fair Trading Award For Excellence in Customer Service

Office Of Fair Trading Awards - Victorian Fair Trading Award For Excellence in Customer Service

Winner - Victorian Fair Trading Awards 1997
for Excellence in Customer Service

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