Osca Customer "Wish-List"

Osca has been providing a Professional Ironing service in Melbourne since 1986. One of the things we've learned in that time is that each client has their own unique requirements and wishes in respect to how they prefer us to take care of their garments. To help you customise our service to your needs, we've created our Osca " Wish-List ". Your wishes will be recorded on a wish card, so our Ironers are aware of your preferences each time your ironing comes through.

Please Note: Your wishlist (this HTML form) is sent to Osca by email, and you may need to accept a security warning from your browser. If you are unable to send a wishlist, please email or call us and we can post you a hard copy.

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Our Ironers work from a central, spotless and odour-free workshop. They are fully trained to handle any request and any garment so are able to look after your garments just the way you need them to. At Osca we do our best to 'Make sure that shirt is perfect - everytime.'

Pick up -

Your Ironing will be picked up at the day and time of your booking and taken to our central workshop.

Ironing -

Your garments will be sorted, prepared and counted.

Ironed according to your wishes and any extra requirements while the ironer specifically focuses on attention to detail to make sure your garments are ironed to perfection.

Quality checked and re-counted, your garments are ready for delivery.

Delivery -

Your ironing will be delivered on the at the day and time of your arranged booking.


Galvanised Hangers

For your convenience, there is a generous supply of new, galvanised hangers in our workshop. Bent or otherwise unsuitable hangers will be replaced. You are welcome to send your excess hangers back, we have a very good re-cycling program.

Would you like us to supply you with hangers?

Plastic & Wooden Hangers

Feel free to send your wooden or plastic hangers throught with your ironing. Our ironers will match the hangers with your more important garments first and send back any spare. You can also purchase plastic hangers from Osca at wholesale price.

Would you like us to supply you with hangers?


For protection from the elements, and preserving the quality of ironing, your shirts are returned in bags. Osca has sourced bio-degradeable plastic bags that are environmentally friendly, and also a re-useable cloth bag option. Please return any unwanted packaging to Osca.

How would you like your ironing presented for delivery?


Osca Starch helps to preserve and maintain your garments and linen crisp and clean, and washes out - even in cold water.

Osca Starch is a natural vegetable starch. No chemicals, no added fragrances, no artificial stiffeners. As a matter of fact, a fresh batch is made up every day.

What kind of starch would you like?

Business Shirts

The Osca Shirt is ironed to perfection.

With a single sharp crease on the sleeves, returned on hangers. Cardboard collar inserts support the collar during transport and bio-degradeable plastic bags protect from the elements during travel. Shirts can also be folded, or "Travel-Packed" (folded and in plastic just like a new shirt - perfect for travel.)

How much starch would you like on your shirts?

Would you like collar inserts?

Would you like us to button up your shirts?

Do you want us to replace and sew on missing buttons?

Would you like your shirts folded or hung?

Do you have a preferred hang direction?

Facing Left

Facing Right

Trousers, Ladies pants and Jeans

Trousers, pants and jeans are returned on hangers, with trouser guards. "As presented" means that Osca ironers will iron your garments as indicated by the way you have folded them into your basket - flat or with a crease.

Please iron my trousers...

Please iron my ladies pants...

Please iron my jeans...

Please iron my track pants...

T-Shirts, Polo Shirts and Jumpers.

T-Shirts, polo's, jumpers and shorts are returned on hangers unless you would prefer them folded.

Please return my T-Shirts...

Please return my Polo Shirts...

Please return my Jumpers...

Please return my Shorts...

Table and Bed Linen.

Most linen is folded into your basket. Large linen tablecloths can be returned hanging for better presentation. Because we prepare our own starch, we can vary the intensity to your requirements. For special instructions, please pin a note to the linen.

How much starch would you like on your Table Linen?

How much starch would you like on your Bed Linen?

Please return my Table linen...

Please return my Bed linen...

Pick Up & Delivery Times.

The Osca vans are on the road Monday to Friday, mornings and evenings.

  • Regular Bookings - Your ironing will be returned to as per your regular booking time and day. (ie 24/36/48hrs)
  • Casual Bookings - Regular bookings get preference so please book ahead to avoid disappointment and allow 48 hours+ for delivery.
  • Backlogs - Allow for a little extra time with huge ironing loads, up to one week.

I would like to have my ironing picked up on a regular basis on...

Pickup :
Delivery :

I prefer to call as I need. (casual booking).

If you have any other comments or requirements, please feel free to enter them here.

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